Emerge Finance
Kedron, Qld / Vow Financial

For a large proportion of brokers, broking is the step after banking – for all the differences between the roles, they share the common building blocks of personal finance. Adam Bradley’s background could not be more dissimilar: he worked in tunnel engineering for 10 years prior to approaching a broker for his second home loan. “When I bought again about three years ago the broker said, ‘You’d be great at this – do you want a job?’ I thought it was weird she’d offer me a job given I had no experience; I’d better look into this. I looked into it and loved it.”

Going into broking as an independent broker is still a daunting challenge, but Bradley eased the transition by starting broking alongside his engineering job. He was also helped by his mentoring group. “Every fortnight we’d get lenders in and learn about different products and structures, and proactively talk to other brokers about scenarios they were having trouble with, any marketing ideas and stuff like that.” Emerge Finance now deals mainly with younger owner-occupiers and has extensive referral links with financial planners, accountants and, to a lesser extent, real estate agents.

Broking has replaced engineering and Bradley couldn’t be happier: “I just love it! I’m 30 now, which is still relatively young, but considering you leave school when you’re 18 I’ve finally found something I really love and I’m passionate about, and that I’m pretty good at… I was always chasing that flexibility, being your own boss, and that untapped earning potential: the harder you work the bigger your business gets ... it’s something you can continue to build on.”