Joel Wyld, Credit Adviser
Oxygen Home Loans, Edgecliff, NSW

2014 was a satisfying year for Joel Wyld. After four years as relationship manager at AFG, his return to the aggregator’s NSW awards – not as staff, but as their Young Gun broker – showed how far he had come.

Wyld left school at 15 and went straight into financial services, although he didn’t go into broking until years later. However, he believes broking can and should be promoted as a career path at school. “It’s lucrative: the best broker in Australia will be earning more than 90% of doctors and working just as hard,” he says.

While Wyld supports the MFAA’s mentoring scheme, he suggests matching mentors with new brokers based on age and personality could make it more effective. But he insists that “more emphasis needs to be put on brokers finding and hiring staff themselves”.

An important element of Wyld’s strategy is working closely with real estate agents at McGrath (which owns Oxygen Home Loans), including sponsoring their awards and taking top realtors out to dinner. The steady stream of referrals is paying off, with Wyld a finalist for this year’s Australian Mortgage Award for Young Gun – Independent.

According to Oxygen Home Loans chief Allan Hemmings, Wyld’s “energy and enthusiasm are infectious … and will ensure Joel’s business continues to grow”. Listening to Wyld, this enthusiasm and hunger soon becomes apparent. “It’s an industry that’s very young,” he says, “and you can really stamp your authority [on it] and create your own style … we’re 50% of the industry; we should be at 100%. Why anyone would use a bank I don’t know.”

It’s a hunger that is vital for new brokers to succeed, Wyld insists. “You’ve got to work really hard; there’s no secret to being a good broker … don’t get disheartened; don’t give up. Make heaps of customer calls; set yourself some goals.”