Client education has been an important part of the past year for Green Finance Group director Daniel Green. With increased regulatory frameworks and fluctuating bank policies, he has experienced additional documentation requirements and lengthier processing timeframes.

“We’ve had to work harder to really educate clients about the change in lending landscape,” he says. “Things like timing and preparation and the fact that just because their existing bank worked in the past, doesn’t mean they’ll be receptive now.”

The Brisbane brokerage offers residential and commercial finance; pub and hotel finance is Green’s personal specialty. Word of mouth referrals are an important business tool and a large percentage of that makes up the business.

Green also prides himself on his relationship with his customers, many of which are repeat or long-term clients; there are business owners he has been working with for nearly two decades.

“A large portion of my clients are family owned and run businesses and, in some cases, I’m now assisting the third generation of these families,” he says.

As well those relationships, Green puts the success down to consistency and understanding his own limits. He’s surrounded himself with a network of established professionals including the finance specialists at Green Finance Group, as well as lending colleagues, accountants, financial planners and real estate agents. Over the year ahead, it’s these business partnerships he’ll continue to grow.

Total loan book: $611,159,616
Total settlements 1 March 2018 – 28 February 2019: $253,700,011.34
Number of loan writers: 5
Avg. annual volume per broker: $50740002.27
Conversion rate: 86%