Since 2006, Mortgage Choice Miami have worked to bring their broking expertise to the Gold Coast and build relationships with the local community. For founder and director James Hasselle, getting the best possible outcome for the customer is a non-negotiable part of the role.

“It’s never been as hard as it is now to get a loan, or gain access to credit,” says Hasselle. “But if you’re doing things properly, you should still be able to help. It’s our duty to help customers gain that competitive edge.” 

Where brokers can particularly provide aid, Hasselle feels, is with everyday borrowers – families and small businesses who are looking to negotiate through the oft-complex borrowing rules set out by the banks.

“The new credit rules can really cause them problems, particularly if they’ve had a few rejected applications already,” says Hasselle. “The level of experience we possess is a crucial asset.”

With locations expanding to Burleigh Heads and Palm Beach in the last few years, it’s a sign that business is booming – and Hasselle plans to keep things running as effectively as possible.

“My role has changed to encompass a lot more people management; we’re not just a small business anymore,” says Hasselle. “We’re an employer, and that’s just one more way we see Mortgage Choice Miami as giving back to the local community.”

Total loan book: $550,000,000
Total settlements: 1 March 2018 – 28 February 2019 $184,472,624
Number of loan writers: 6
Avg. annual volume per broker: $30,745,437
Conversion rate: 49%