The festive season may not yet be upon us, but this time of year is certainly a time of celebration in MPA world. In this issue, not only do we celebrate the winners of this year’s 2013 Australian Mortgage Awards (AMAs), but we also highlight the successes of those brokers who have made the mortgage industry’s hall of fame – the MPA Top 100. A huge vote of thanks goes out to everyone who came along to support the AMA event this year, as well as to those brokers who threw their names into the hat for their chance to be named in the MPA Top 100.

While we celebrate the industry high-flyers who have been named as AMA winners or Top 100 entrants, I think it’s also important to give the nod to the thousands of unsung heroes in the mortgage industry who continue to provide stellar service to their clients through difficult times. The industry is certainly in good hands.

The best in the business

As the year draws to an end, there are certainly rays of hope for the mortgage industry, which are shining through the doom and gloom that has engulfed the Australian financial services scene since the GFC. Interest rates are low, auction clearance rates are on the up, and news of capital appreciation is beginning to hit the front pages again in some of Australia’s key housing markets. But that’s not to say it’s a cakewalk for the nation’s mortgage brokers, with many Aussies having remained cautious throughout the year.

It’s extremely impressive, therefore, to note how fiercely competitive this year’s MPA Top 100 proved A to be – especially considering the fact that brokers were judged on their settlement figures for the relatively subdued 2012/13 financial year. The competition was hot at the top of the pile, with 12 brokers settling nine-figure sums. Meanwhile, at the bottom end of the Top 100, brokers had to have settled more than $54m in order to make the industry’s most prestigious hall of fame.