We list the 27 leading industry professionals who have raised the stakes and raised the temperature

In a single calendar year 24 Australian Brokers and 12 MPAs will be published. In addition, 23 crystal trophies will be handed over at October’s Australian Mortgage Awards, 141 special report certificates distributed to brokers and around 150 MPA e-newsletters sent out.

That’s a lot of industry news, and a lot of industry faces. The Hot List aims to pick out those that really matter, the individuals at the centre of the year’s biggest stories. While you will recognise certain faces that’ve been featured in the Hot List before, simply being well-known is not enough to make the cut.

How the decision process is made

We look for those who’ve won major awards, whose companies have undergone considerable transformation and those whose hard work has earned them a reputation that transcends the industry.

2014’s astounding numbers – both in terms of bank profits and broker settlements – made picking this year’s Hot List particularly difficult. It is not intended as the definitive list of talented or hard-working professionals involved in the third-party channel. Instead it seeks to recognise those whose achievements and sheer force of character are pushing the entire industry in new directions.