If you’re anything like me, at this time of year you’ll find yourself looking back on the past 12 months and reflecting on the thrills and spills that ensued. Certainly here at MPA there’s no shortage of contenders to add to the proverbial 2013 highlights reel. While flicking through the last 12 months’ worth of magazines and compiling the year’s memorable moments for our “Year in review” feature, it became clear that the common denominator that threaded its way throughout our proudest moments of 2013 was you, the mortgage broker.

Whether it’s the Australian Mortgage Awards, the MPA Top 100 or one of our ground-breaking industry surveys, broker involvement is central to our mission, so a hearty thanks must go out to all of you for making 2013 a truly memorable year for MPA. Speaking of memorable years, in this issue we’ve also compiled our annual “Hot List’’ of the movers and shakers who have made waves in the mortgage industry over the past 12 months. You may be surprised to see how many new faces are appearing in this year’s list.

What the future holds

Looking ahead, there’s no doubt that the popularity of investing in property through SMSFs will continue to grow, and this issue’s SMSF feature quizzes some of the industry’s leading lights on how to get these loans over the line. And if you’re looking for food for thought on how to boost business in the year ahead, then look no further than this issue’s features on business strategy and motivation.

As we look back on what has been a remarkable year for the mortgage broking profession, MPA presents its hot list of the industry players who have made  waves... or dropped off the radar.