Top Franchise Brokerages 2016 - 8 AUSSIE CARNEGIE

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Moving up a place in the rankings, Glenn English and his staff  pride themselves on excellent after-settlement service 

Financial year 2015/16 has seen Aussie Carnegie engaged in steady but solid growth, and it’s begun paying dividends. The brokerage has moved one place higher in MPA’s Top 10, but also added $30m to its annual settlements fi gure, while taking on an additional two support staff . It has also made improvements in the back offi  ce, says principal Glenn English. “I think that we’ve become a little smarter with our processes. There is less double handling.”

English has emerged as one of Aussie’s leading brokers, No. 28 in our most recent Top 100, through a focus on his database. “For myself, I am more focused on my existing client base and referrals,” English explains. “A lot of my clients are investors or second-time buyers, whereas the brokers in the offi  ce concentrate on new business: fi rst home owners, refi nancers.” More than 60% of the business comes from client referrals, says English. 

Nevertheless, a dedication to existing clients is something that is shared by the entire brokerage. “Once settlement has been completed, we don’t just say thanks for your business and walk away,” says English. “After settlement, we send our clients a ‘thank you’ gift for their support. We also proactively follow up with our clients to ensure that their home loan and lender expectations are being met.” 

English believes that brokers are obliged by their trail commission to take after-settlement service seriously; it also encourages existing clients to go back to Aussie Carnegie for their next loan. 

In order to provide this level of customer service, the four brokers in the office are backed up by four support staff: an office manager, two loan packagers and a receptionist, although there is some room for flexibility, and they’re planning to hire another administrative staff member in the next 12 months. 

Building a team is what, for English, separates a good broker from a good brokerage manager. “It’s easy to be a good broker,” he says. “But it’s hard to find the right team who can deliver the same level of service that your clients are used to receiving.” 

Recent curbs on investment lending haven’t hurt Aussie Carnegie, says English. “These hurdles just add to the fun of being a broker. We’re problemsolvers, so it’s our job to fi nd a solution to our client’s problem.” He is positive about the brokerage’s prospects. “I can honestly say that Aussie Carnegie is in the best shape that it’s ever been in from a lodgements and settlements perspective. This can be attributed to the perfect team that we currently have in place.”