Top 100 Brokers 2016 - 7 JASON GUO

Contact Information
Centum Mortgage Group
Melbourne, Vic
Aggregator: Vow Financial
Total value of residential loans FY2015/16: $165,400,000
Total number of residential loans FY2015/16: 337

MPA’s Young Guns report recognises the best new entrants to the industry; the MPA Top 100 recognises the best in the industry full stop. The two are at different ends of a broker’s career path, yet Jason Guo has made the jump in a single year, appearing in February’s Young Guns report and now, in November, competing at the highest level.

Centum Mortgage Group was set up in 2012, and Guo took over as managing director in 2015. The brokerage specialises in residential and investment finance for professionals, particularly doctors, and the self-employed, with the remaining 50% being a broad spectrum of local PAYG clients. Doctors in particular have become a profitable niche for many leading brokers, but as Guo explains you need to put the work in. “When I started in the mortgage broking business I focused on building up relationships with the business partners, such as the doctors’ association, which brings professional doctors to us, as well as accountants and financial planners.”

In January the brokerage saw a major shift as Guo transitioned his team of four supporting staff to a new processing model. Previously the brokerage had a conveyor-belt style model: each staff member took on a different stage of the application. “We found this model doesn’t help efficiency,” says Guo. “If the case transitions from one person to another person, that other person needs to look through the case again.”

Now each staff member handles a single file from beginning to end, making them more accountable and helping their training, given that some supporting staff want to become brokers. Guo conducts the initial contact and interviews, and he brings supporting staff members into those interviews to acquaint them with the clients. Guo then checks the progress of the application on a daily basis.

The brokerage is continuing to grow, Guo explains. “This year we’ve not just been focused on writing loans; we’ve been focused on growing the business.” They’re taking on bilingual staff and have a highly structured training model in place. And while a $165m total is hugely impressive, Guo is bullish about the year ahead: “I’m confident we can beat that number in the next financial year.”