Top 10 Franchise Brokerages 2015 - #6 Franchise Brokerage 2015: Aussie Morley

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Aussie Morley
Principals: Aaron and Quentin Grofski​

Aussie Morley Brokerage DetailsAt Aussie Morley, they still keep things personal. The brokerage is run by two brokers, Aaron and Quentin Grofski, and they draw on experience and instinct, not a written procedure, to provide the best service.

It’s all about doing, Aaron Grofski explains: “My brother and I really have to do something to understand how the process works, and we’ve trained our other brokers to do it that way as well. If you become too rigid in what we do, you’re going to miss things. It’s people dealing with people; you can’t just follow a strict process.” Grofski is confident that Aussie Morley’s personalised service is popular with its customers: “What you’re selling is not tangible; they’re buying you and your knowledge.”

It’s an approach that is tied to the brokerage’s small size; apart from the Grofski brothers, Aussie Morley has just one other broker and one supporting staff member. “If you can overhear each other in a small office, you can learn very quickly from each other,” Grofski explains. It’s this constant communication that helps maintain the quality of the personalised service.

This small-scale philosophy extends to their marketing, too. Given that Aussie runs extensive national campaigns, Grofski reckons it is better to make his marketing “more localised – bus shelter adverts, street signs – tell people there is an Aussie in Morley; there is an office that they can come to.” However, referrals continue to provide the most important source of clients – whilst the Aussie brand helps give new clients confidence, Aaron believes the quality service he provides will bring them back.

Although Grofski says he will continue to build the brokerage, diversification isn’t an immediate priority. “When I first started in this industry, there were all these great business operators, and they were doing this and doing that, but their numbers were crap. They’re not even around anymore!” Keep it simple, he advises new brokerages: “When 95% of your growth is in referrals, that’s what we’re going to be focusing on.”

Aaron Grofski 
Aaron Grofski (featured above)
is the co-principal of Quentin in
Aussie Morley.