Top 10 Franchise Brokerages 2015 - #5 Franchise Brokerage 2015: Mortgage Choice Perth

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Mortgage Choice Perth
Director: Richard Crommelin

Mortgage Choice Perth Brokerage DetailsMortgage Choice Perth doesn’t just want to be a brokerage, director Richard Crommelin explains: they want to be a ‘trusted financial partner’. This mentality manifests itself in every area of the brokerage and reflects a business committed to innovation and experimentation.

Take marketing, for example. “A few years ago, we looked at our database … and we thought, well, we want to communicate more with people,” Crommelin says. “We were a bit worried about contacting people too much, yet when we actually started to communicate every single month, [we] have had a really positive response to that.” They divide this contact into different themes – an information month, such as explaining car finance, and then a ‘call to action month’, asking how much the customer could save with vehicle finance. Crommelin sees the strategy as high successful: “As long we keep it relevant, and suiting what customers need, we haven’t offended anybody, and more has been better.” Indeed, the brokerage is running eight to 10 marketing initiatives at any one time.

Keeping a business on track

Managing a large franchise, with storefronts in multiple states, presents another set of challenges. It’s vital to schedule regular communication, Crommelin insists; in addition to once-a-week teleconferences, collaborative online working tools such as Google Docs also have been helpful. The division of responsibilities is kept clear; each broker has his or her own personal assistant, who functions as support staff.

Being a ‘trusted financial partner’ is crucial for diversification to work, Crommelin believes. “We have a range of products … you can’t just blurt that out to a customer.” Rather, it’s about offering only those products  that really suit the customer, whilst having all available. Crommelin wants the brokerage to be able to offer advice on almost any given topic: “My ambition is to be the person they call if they do anything financial.”

Mortgage Choice Perth