Top 10 Franchise Brokerages 2015 - #3 Franchise Brokerage 2015: Aussie Parramatta

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Aussie Parramatta
Principals: Ross and Scott Le Quesne​
Acquired: 2003

Aussie Parramatta Brokerage DetailsYou’d be surprised if a Sydney brokerage didn’t do well in this list, especially one specialising in investors. Two years ago, Aussie Parramatta came in 10th on this list, and the journey to third demonstrates just how well the brokerage, headed by brothers Ross and Scott Le Quesne, has targeted this lucrative market.

“About 60% of our customers have been investors,” Ross Le Quesne says, “particularly over the last 12 months. Starting about three or four years ago, we’ve been focusing on that market.” He and most of the brokers in the office are experienced property investors themselves.

Referrals are vital for attracting clients, and these result from giving clients a lot more than basic services. “We look into what their long-term goals are and then create a portfolio based [on that],” Le Quesne says. It certainly helps that the brokerage’s expertise doesn’t stop with its brokers; the support staff also have extensive broking and finance experience – together, the office has a combined experience of 200 years.

Therefore, hiring the right people is important for the brokerage to safeguard its reputation. Attitude “is first and foremost,” argues Le Quesne, making up for a lack of broking experience. Aussie’s induction course is complimented by in-office training, which includes a reading list and exposure to a wide range of different loan scenarios.

In addition to financial targets, the team is working to provide consistent service, although diversification is not on the radar. “We tend to stick to our strengths and [aim to] be good at what we do,” Le Quesne explains, adding that investors will continue to be their focus. That’s consistent with his advice for new brokerages: “Focus on leverage, and focus on the dollar-generating activities that will generate sales. They’ve got to understand the basics … but there should be a real focus on sales.”

Aussie Parramatta