Top 10 Franchise Brokerages 2015 - #2 Franchise Brokerage 2015: Mortgage Choice Brisbane

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Mortgage Choice Brisbane

Mortgage Choice Brisbane Brokerage DetailsAt second for the second year running, the team at Mortgage Choice Brisbane has good reason to feel frustrated. Indeed, their numbers are seriously impressive, and if you believe the hype surrounding Brisbane’s property market and potential influx of overseas buyers, they can only get better.

But for general manager Matt Cunliffe, it’s “business as usual. I’d say there’s been an interest in the number of transactions, for sure. There’s a lot of confidence, which is driving our business up.” The brokerage is geared towards casual investors and upgraders – what Cunliffe terms the ‘mum and dad’ buyers – and these often come from the brokerage’s formidable existing database.

Multiple touchpoints in their first year and annual check-ups thereafter are part of a number of processes that ‘guide’ customers back to the brokerage. Consistency is key, argues Cunliffe, whether they’re servicing a first home buyer or experienced investor. “We want every client to experience the same level of service, regardless of the scenario.” Follow-ups are mainly done by the seven support staff over the franchises’ three offices. Interestingly, it is the broker who makes the first follow-up call.

When it comes to marketing, Cunliffe is “not necessarily sold” on local advertising and sponsorships. “We’re looking at a few different options, like electronic marketing and social media,” he says. Nor does he believe the brokerage needs to add services to their already heavily diversified offering, which includes financial planning and insurance, until they’ve improved their cross-selling. “We’ve got a lot of offerings at the moment; we want to make the process between capturing our clients under all the umbrellas more tightly knit.”

What’s for sure is that Mortgage Choice Brisbane isn’t going away; with a young and ambitious staff (Cunliffe himself is only 29), they’ll continue pushing for the top spot next year.

Mortgage Choice Brisbane