MPA’s Young Guns 2016 - SHARON BAL

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Perhaps it’s Sharon Bal’s philosophy that you should “treat clients the way you want to be treated” which has earmarked her for success in the mortgage broking industry. Commending Bal for her dedication to her job at Loan Market, WA state director Ken Maclennan praised her for her “outstanding customer feedback” and the instrumental role she played in running the business after the death of her boss, Damien Mills.

Describing Mills as both her “competitor” and “big brother”, Bal was deeply shaken by his passing, but honours his legacy by upholding first-rate client services. 

With a background in project administration, Bal began her broking career over two years ago, impelled by the birth of her daughter. She found a work-life balance that allowed her to commit to both her jobs, as a broker and a mother. Claiming to owe her success to her husband, Bal believes that “if he hadn’t supported me in the early months … I would have left by now”. 

This work-family balance has paid off, as Bal’s success in the industry is clearly evident in her excellent monthly averages and net promoter score of 79. Still, her notable customer service and personable qualities have contributed to this rapid success. She believes this to be the 
“backbone to our business”, as attending efficiently to customers’ needs leads to referrals and further business. 

Bal attributes much of her success to her love for learning and her belief that “if you stop improving you’ll stop succeeding”. She advises upcoming brokers to “welcome new ideas” and learn from all people, including clients and those in other industries. As she believes “there is no age to stop learning”, Sharon Bal is certainly proven as a ‘Young Gun’ and has a promising future.

Story by Olivia Baume