MPA’s Young Guns 2016 - PARIS GALOMBIK

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If you want a glimpse of tomorrow’s super-broker, Paris Galombik may be it. Galombik works for leading independent brokerage Shore Financial and was warmly recommended to us by Adrienne Smith, CBA’s state manager for NSW and ACT, who praised her “enthusiasm and passion for her customers”.

Galombik’s background is in accounting; she previously worked at elite accounting firm Grant Thornton, which she found “just not satisfying whatsoever”. Following dinner with one of Shore Financial’s directors, a friend of hers, Galombik decided to take what was in her own words a “massive risk” and leave her high-powered graduate role for broking.

Having that accounting background is “a really big point of difference”, Galombik believes. She says “a lot of brokers are ex-bankers, or doing it as a side role, but really understanding financial information has helped me excel, particularly on the higher end”.

Despite being a new broker, Galombik is already dealing with high-end clients, who she’s accessed through her referral network, she explains. “My referral network isn’t actually so big … but my relationships are quite strong with my referral network, and I think that’s what’s helped me the most.” Going to open homes and even working out of real estate agents’ offices has helped with “getting in front of their faces” and building stronger relationships.

With a referral network and already-great numbers, Galombik is well on her way to being a top broker, but she advises other new brokers to ‘mould their own path’: “I think what I’ve done is take a little bit of everyone around you, and find your own way to excel in the industry”.