MPA’s Young Guns 2015 - ​Holly Bundy | Young Guns 2015

Contact Information
​Holly Bundy, Senior Lending Manager
Bundy Financial Services Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Vic

Working in a branch at Bank of Melbourne, Holly Bundy was faced with a dilemma. “I could sit in the branch for the next 15 years and move up to management level … [but] I love lending, it really is my passion, and I wanted to evolve that.” So she went out and set up her own brokerage, Bundy Financial.

Bundy Financial is now flourishing, mainly offering residential finance but also expanding into commercial and asset lending. FAST relationship manager Natasha Ramantanis told MPA that Bundy was held in “very high regard” at the aggregator. “Integrity, commitment, reliability is why Holly has had such rapid success and will have sustainability in this competitive industry.”

As well as managing the business, Bundy also supports the Heart Kids charity, which supports children with heart defects, and the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, a decision she took after her nephew became particularly ill.

When it comes to those thinking of going into broking, Bundy comments that “if someone was off the street I wouldn’t always recommend it, because I believe you do have to have that experience, but I love it and it’s my passion”. Talking to those in her previous profession, branch banking, she insists that through broking you can better help people. “When you are working direct with a bank you are limited to one product and limited with how you can help your customer.”

The most difficult part of entering the industry for Bundy was “that initial training in compliance”. She’d certainly recommend one-to-one training, although she’s “not sure how successful” current mentoring programs are.

New brokers, she advises, should “put your customers first with everything you do; it’s certainly what I’ve done at my business and why I’ve been successful over the past 12 months”.