Mortgage Professional Australia Top 100 Brokers 2013 - MPA Top 100 Broker 2013: Mark Davis

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Name: Mark Davis

What’s the key to staying at the top of your game year after year?
The desire to be successful and to keep changing every year. The person that stays still goes backwards and, unless you have the energy, like any industry it’s tough to keep your numbers at a consistent level.

What, if anything, have you done differently this year?
We are always developing ways to evolve, and the biggest change this year is freeing up our time in management to service our clients and assist with training our new managers coming on. Understanding our skill deficiencies is critical to all businesses, and I believe that has come along nicely and we now have to consolidate such changes into the business over the next year for the next uplift we require.

What has been your biggest challenge this year?
Getting consistency within the office to ensure all roles are efficient. The staff leave at priority times has not helped, and we will learn from these mistakes and improve next year. There are no excuses this year. As a business we want to take advantage of these learnings as soon as possible.

What has been your biggest success this year?
As a business we hit $1bn after 3.5 years in business, and I personally hit $500m in funds under management after run-off, etc. These are successes we are proud of as a business, but we are only part way there; we want to be the fourth-biggest brokerage company (independent and franchise) within three years, so we have our work cut out over the next 36 months.