Mortgage Professional Australia Top 100 Brokers 2013 - MPA Top 100 Broker 2013: Gerard Tiffen

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Name: Gerard Tiffen

What qualities make a successful broker?
Accountability and the ability to take responsibility for yourself; the ability to create and maintain strong

What’s the key to staying at the top of your game year after year?
Having a strong, loyal client base and incredible support staff.

What, if anything, have you done differently this year?
I’ve invested more time in training and education (both myself and my team), which I think has really paid off.

What do you expect from the market in the year ahead?
I think the RBA’s cuts will stimulate the property market further, although the changes in the FHOG may see a different section of the property market boom.

What has been your biggest challenge this year?
Being time poor. There’s a fine line between running a successful business and being a broker, so finding enough time to devote to both can be a real struggle. Luckily, I have people around me that keep me focused and that I can share the load with.

What has been your biggest success this year?
Being named as the MPA Independent Brokerage of the Year, and our loan portfolio ticking over $1.5bn.