Australia’s Top 100 Brokers - 2 JUSTIN DOOBOV

Contact Information

Intelligent Finance,
Bondi Junction NSW
Total value of residential loans
FY 2014/15: $315,265,197
Total number of residential loans
FY 2014/15: 763

The gap at the top of the Top 100 table is extremely slim, as Justin Doobov’s example demonstrates. He’s clinched the runner-up spot for a second year, and with an impressive 763 loans has broken the $300m barrier – a mark MPA certainly didn’t expect to be beaten for a number of years.

Nevertheless, Doobov insists that not much has changed at Intelligent Finance: it’s still a well-oiled machine. He concentrates on “stripping out admin” with a process designed to minimise application delays. “Everyone plays a different role in the company at different stages of the process. I’ve always had plenty of staff who don’t need to be micromanaged … if someone drops the ball, their workload will be backlogged, and people further up the line will be asking, ‘where’s the deal?’”

Everyone at Intelligent Finance concentrates on what they do best, including Doobov: “I oversee every part of the process; I’ve got my finger on the pulse the whole way through. Some clients are happy to speak to me at each stage; others are happy for my staff to keep themupdated. Having people involved in my process allows me to be more effective in the areas where they need advice and the handholding.”

Doobov’s clients are “a whole mixed bag: owner-occupiers, investors, high net worth, low net worth. When the markets change it allows us to be more adaptable.” And the brokerage does no marketing – “all of our business is generated from existing clients referring us to new clients … we’ve built it organically on people being happy and us generating more business from that”. Although the client base has grown, Intelligent Finance remains a single office, and although they’re considering expanding, “while the market’s buoyant, we’re focusing on writing loans today”.

If you, too, reckon you can beat the $300m mark, Doobov urges you to “create efficiency in your business, and learn the banks’ policies so you know which lenders are the right ones. A lot of brokers sell on rate – the cheapest lenders today might not be the cheapest lenders tomorrow – be able to hang your hat on another area of service or advice you can give clients, rather than just on rate”.