Australia’s Top 10 Commercial Mortgage Brokers 2015 - 7 Marwan Rahme

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Sydney broker Marwan Rahme is making the most of all Australia’s boom town has to offer, moving up to seventh after coming in eighth in 2014’s Top 10. The Kanebridge group of companies specialises in all things property, from development to capital ​finance.

MPA: What distinguishes you from an average commercial broker?
Having an understanding and speciality in property development. We have a unique skill set in this area as we develop in our own right, as well as arranging finance for other developers. For many developers, we are their first point of call not only for finance, but also for assistance on the acquisition and which are the best planning consultants to use for that given area. Having such a developed network both in finance and other consultants such as planners, architects, valuers, quantity surveyors, traffic etc., is where the most value is gained from using our services. Our vast network in development and planning means that most of our clients get increased values in their development the moment they start dealing with us.

MPA: From your experience, is it essential to have run a business in order to succeed in commercial broking?
Unless you have worked in all facets of residential development, you will encounter hurdles you don’t know how to get around. We also have a number of commercial brokers who get us to assist them with their loans, as they don’t have enough experience in this area.

MPA: Would you term yourself an advisor? How do you present yourself to clients?
We are more than an advisor – we are like a partner with our clients. We are an open book; we help our clients where we can because we know the more we are able to assist them upfront with every aspect, they will continue to keep coming back.

MPA: Is every loan different, or are there similar scenarios you frequently encounter?
Every loan, every property is different, and that is a mistake many others make. Each property is unique and has its own set of rules; tailoring a loan to that property is what increases the success of that development.

MPA: Do you see opportunities in your area of broking over the next 12 months, or is it time to consolidate?
There are always opportunities in any market, and it’s about being financially prepared to get the best out of it. I think this is where we specialise, as we always take a longer-term view with our clients, as opposed to a shotgun approach of just getting the one loan approved. We are preemptively gearing up and ensuring that our back-end systems and structures cater to the increasing growth in Sydney.

MPA: What is your advice for brokers looking to enter the commercial market?
Know your game inside and out. Our specialty is residential properties for development, so if you want the very best residential deal, it’s a good idea to talk to us.