Australia’s Top 10 Commercial Mortgage Brokers 2015 - 10 Fay Baker

Contact Information

Fay Baker is a credit advisor, insurance advisor and financial advisor who set up Sky Financial Group in 2003, having previously worked in financial services. She prides herself on providing a stress-free and rewarding service to her clients, and ​also was featured in 2013’s Top 10 Commercial Brokers.

MPA: What distinguishes you from an average commercial broker?
I am skilled in identifying the issues faced by clients and finding the quick solutions to overcome the complications. I keep myself well informed of all relevant financial products and market updates. I am highly experienced when it comes to arranging funding for large, complex transactions that require an in-depth understanding of client business.

MPA: Do you focus on any particular area of commercial lending? Why?
With many years of lending experience across a broad range of lenders, I work with all kinds of commercial loan customers across all parts of Sydney. I specialise in arranging lending solutions for commercial, industrial, retail, and residential or commercial developments; restructuring existing debts; and consolidating borrowings.

MPA: From your experience, is it essential to have run a business in order to succeed in commercial broking?
Not necessarily. In my opinion, to succeed in commercial broking, you need to have the skills with the highest moral, ethical and professional standards.

MPA: Is every loan diffrent, or are there similar scenarios you frequently encounter?
Each client has specific needs in relation to their finance. Solutions structure is on individual deals, according to the client’s need.

MPA: Do you see opportunities in your area of broking over the next 12 months, or is it time to consolidate?
Forming a relationship with customers that includes the highest moral, ethical and professional standards offered will assist to continue providing finance broking solutions to meet clients’ needs.

MPA: What is your advice for brokers looking to enter the commercial market?
Build relationships with experienced commercial bankers. Keep yourself informed with the commercial financial products that are made available to market, and team up with an experienced commercial broker if you don’t have commercial banking background.