When it comes to investment properties, it’s all about increasing the value so you can continue to make a profit. A huge part of that is making the property as appealing as you can to renters, or potential buyers.

So here are just some of the easiest and most budget friendly ways you can freshen up the outdoor aesthetics of your investment property today:

Paint it
Never underestimate the power of a fresh coat of paint. If you have the time and resources, repainting the entire exterior will transform your home – even if you keep the colour exactly the same! A new shade can change the whole feel, especially if you’ve swapped a light shade for a darker hue, or vice versa. 

For the more time poor among us, painting just the trims can be nearly as effective in refreshing the look of your home.

Fix it
You know those little niggly repair jobs that have been on your to-do list for weeks, if not months? Yep, you guessed it, find that toolbox and get fixing! Think about the small details, like the latch that is hanging loose on the front gate, or the three broken fence palings, or the faded front porch that could use another coat of stain. 

Fixing up a few things around the front yard is sure to give a more polished finish to your property – plus it will give you that satisfied feeling you only get after completely a task that has been on your mind for quite some time. 

Upgrade it
Sometimes you’ve got to spend money to make money – and you would be surprised at how little you need to spend to make a huge difference in the overall appearance of your home. Look around and take note of items that could be upgraded - new house numbers or letterbox, or even something as small as a new doormat. 

Fence it 
The type of fencing you have can have a huge impact on the street appeal of your property – a low, simple fence gives a modern impression and allows the design of your home to take centre stage, while a high, elaborate fence will give partial privacy and an aura of elegance. 

An old fence that needs a new coat of paint or some repair work also contributes to the overall feel, so perhaps consider putting aside some time to address this, or even call a professional to install an entirely new fence.

Change it
Even small change is refreshing – and your front door is the perfect thing to refresh when budget is an issue. Throw on a coat of bold coloured paint, a shiny new decorative knocker, some fancy house numbers or door handle, and you have yourself a completely overhauled front door that will leave guests and passers by with a lasting impression. 

Landscape it
A structured garden will always be easy on the eye, and doesn’t have to mean spending up big on a fancy landscaping job. The key is keeping things simple; otherwise you will create a very large and difficult job for yourself! 

All it takes is a little thought, and a bit of manual labour – remove unwanted, dead or overgrown plants and damaged stonework, kill the weeds and throw in some new bark and decorative stones. 

Reassess it
Stand on the street and look at your property – particularly things like awnings, shutters and other decorative features on the exterior. Are these serving the overall aesthetics of your property, or could they be updated or swapped for something more suitable?