Smart investing

By Nila Sweeney

Writing about growth and boom times seem a bit out of place lately, especially when everything you hear is about the downturn. However, you can't also ignore the fact that there are some signs of "green shoots" appearing to signal a nascent recovery in some sectors of the market, such as the share markets in particular.

But is the share market's performance a reliable indicator of things to come for the property market? Some say the property market tracks the share market's performance, while others say it has no correlation at all. Our experts are certainly divided in the issue. But is there a more reliable indicator to predict what's going to happen in the property market? We explain it all in our article on The Portents of Growth.

We also bring you the second installment of the suburbs with strong growth potential and find out which areas are forecast to see capital growth surging by at least 60% over the next property cycle. It's all in our article on Primed for Growth: where to make the most money in three to five years.

Our article on the newest infrastructure projects is a must-read for those who want to beat the competition and head for the areas that will benefit from the government and private investments.

While there are currently many opportunities here at home, you don't need to limit yourself to Australia in property investing. As our article, Globalise your portfolio, shows, some of the best rental yields, for example, can be found abroad.

Finally, we look at vendor financing and how you can tap it to help 'good' credit risk people buy their own home and make money along the way. At a time when capital gains on property is potentially on the backburner for a little longer, creative income-producing strategies like these might just be what you need to boost your returns!