Downsizing Tips

By Nila Sweeney

Big to small

Start with the large items in each room and work your way down to the small items. If you start with the small items, you may get overwhelmed and frustrated before you even get started. With large items, either prepare a list of your decisions, or use stickers and mark the items as you decide what to do with each piece.

Sort the items in each room as follows:
  • items that you want to keep (this includes items you’re not currently ready to part with, or items that you definitely know you’ll want in your new home)
  • items that will be passed on to family or friends
  • items that will be sold via a garage sale, eBay or auction
  • items that will be given to charity
  • items that need to be thrown away


Plan to spend maybe one or two hours at a time (at most) working through the sorting process. This isn’t a task that you can do for long periods of time at any age, as there’ll be too many emotions and memories stirred up because, in essence, you’re sorting through the years of your life. If you can’t make a decision about something, then set it aside and think about it for a while until you do come to a decision.


Note: You can keep the cycle going by donating goods in working order to a charity. For those living in Brisbane, check out www.scoodi. com/ and to learn how to best recycle your old goods in an environmentally-friendly way