Can I have some service to go with that home loan please?


We're in an age of convenience.

You only need to take a quick look around to see all the time-saving products guaranteed to make our life easier. In addition to that, we can arrange virtually anything over the internet including services that will do all the things for us that we don't want to do - from running our errands and doing our laundry to even being our personal shopper!

And yet, many Australians are still missing out on of the most important service of all - the service that goes with your home loan, making that good interest rate even better.

The reality is - it's not hard to find a good rate on the market at the moment.  With everyone now so price conscious and with interest rates at historic lows there are plenty of good deals out there, but that's only half the equation.

The critical part of the equation now is that if you don't choose a lender that offers you easy access to the financial guidance you need to help you determine how to best approach and manage all your finances - the savings on that great rate can soon be wasted.

Put simply, instead of simply 'chasing' a good rate, you should be 'chasing' the service that goes with maximising that rate - and getting the personalised level of support you deserve.

So how can you find that level of support and guidance?

Your support should start with your mortgage provider. After all, it's usually the most significant financial commitment you'll make in your lifetime so it makes sense to use the expertise of the lender who is assessing your finances and arranging your loan.

But not all lenders are accessible and willing to support borrowers on an individual level. Too often after the loan has been arranged, the lender adopts a 'set and forget' mentality. And it is this very behaviour that has recently left many borrowers with large financial institutions feeling they have been hung out to dry.

The scenario is familiar: you have a paper trail of correspondence, little or no human contact and then the lender's call centre merry-go-round makes you feel like you're just another number.

 If this sounds like you, it's obvious that it's time to shop around.

The good news is that an established customised service solution does exist and is exactly what is provided by Resi Home Loans. It's also one of the main reasons why consumers starting shopping outside the banks more than fifteen years ago.

Coupled with that, Resi's standard variable rates are still significantly below those advertised by the big four banks, providing a very valuable long term service proposition.

Everyone needs to be a more active participant in their financial future and that starts with choosing a lender who shares that philosophy. Think carefully about how you want to be treated and choose your next mortgage partner wisely.

For more information on how to get the best out of your home loan, why not call Resi Home Loans today on 136 126.

The above information is supplied by Resi.
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