5 remover rip-offs

By Nila Sweeney

1. Excuses, excuses – The old ‘flat-tyre’ excuse is commonly used by companies that have scheduled too many jobs into the day. A good company will show up on time and deliver within a reasonable period.

2. That’s not my TV – Unfortunately some companies will try to replace your goods with cheaper versions and disappear before you even notice. Keeping a detailed inventory will help you keep on top of what’s yours and what’s a cheap imitation. This will especially come in handy if you’ve arranged for someone else to receive your goods at your new address. As well, you should transport your really valuable goods such as jewelry and passports yourself.

3. Price surprise – Occasionally companies will change the quoted price before the job is done. You can safeguard against this by getting the quote in writing and signing a contract before the job is commenced.

4. Contract omissions – The contract should clearly state whether you are paying by the hour or by cubic volume. If paying by cubic volume make sure the truck is packed as efficiently as possible

5. Upfront payments – While some companies may require an upfront payment or deposit, you should ensure it is refundable.

A little common sense goes a long way when hiring a moving company. If you get three quotes from three different companies and one is much lower than the other two, then be suspicious. Perhaps the best way to avoid a rip-off is to hire a reputable company that belongs to the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA). Companies that belong to AFRA adhere to a Code of Conduct that sets out minimum standards expected of members.

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