Product Owner Occupied variable <750k >70% LVR
Region availability ACT, NSW, QLD, VIC, TAS, SA, WA, NT
Product information
Rates (% p.a.)
Initial interest rate 3.54
Default variable/roll rate
Comparison rate 3.58
Interest Rate Note Other rates apply from 3.49% based on LVR and loan size
Establishment fee (150k loan) 0
Valuation fee (250k property) 303.08
Ongoing fee 0
Application fee 0
Mortgage discharge fee 535
Settlement fee 0
Total legal fees 330
Fee note
Terms & Conditions
Max LVR % no mort insurance 80
Max LVR % with mort insurance 90
Amount min 150k
Amount max 750k
Min loan term 5
Max loan term 30
Lender Homestar
Loan Brand Name Owner Occupied variable <750k >70% LVR
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