Income and Expenditure Worksheet

Step 1: Monthly Income
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Your net monthly income (gross salary and wages less tax)
Your spouse's net monthly income (gross less tax)
Net monthly income from savings account/term deposit etc
Net monthly income from investments/shares
Other monthly income
Step 2: Monthly Expenditure
Household Essentials Medical Debts
Food Doctor Credit card monthly repayments
Clothing Dentist Hire purchase/rental repayments
Rent Physio Personal loan repayments
Electricity Chemist Other monthly debt repayments
Phone Other
Other household expenses
Transport Insurance Policies Other Costs
Public transport Home and contents Personal (eg hairdresser)
Car loan or lease payments Medical Entertainment
Petrol Life Childcare Costs (eg school fees)
Registration & repairs Car Leisure activities
Other Subscription and memberships
Pay TV
Internet Access

About the Income and Expenditure Worksheet

This Income and Expenditure calculator can be used to calculate the amount of money you will be able to invest each month by subtracting your monthly expenditure from your monthy income. It is a handy tool when analysing which areas of your spending you need to adjust.

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