ING home loans

ING home loans
Lender Home Loan Initial Interest Rate Default Variable / Roll Rate Comparison Rate
ING Mortgage Simplifier ($1m+, LVR <80%) 3.79% - 3.81%
ING Mortgage Simplifier ($500k+, LVR <80%) 3.84% - 3.86%
ING Orange Advantage ($1m+, LVR <80%) 3.64% - 3.96%
ING Mortgage Simplifier ($150-$499k, LVR <80%) 3.94% - 3.96%
ING Orange Advantage ($500k, LVR <80%) 3.69% - 4.01%
ING Orange Advantage ($150-$499k, LVR <80%) 3.79% - 4.11%
ING ING Fixed 5y (o/occ +oa) 4.19% 4.55% 4.51%
ING ING Fixed 3y (o/occ +oa) 3.89% 4.55% 4.51%
ING ING Fixed 2y (o/occ +oa) 3.79% 4.55% 4.56%
ING ING Fixed 1y (o/occ +oa) 3.69% 4.55% 4.63%

About ING

ING started in Australia in 1999 as a branch of the ING group but they already are the 5th largest retail bank in Australia and the 3rd largest savings bank in the world. They have a quite progressive website that allows you to obtain indicative loan pre-approval in “2 minutes” as well as a suite of tools to help inform you and find the home loan that is right for your lifestyle choosing from variable, fixed and line of credit home loans.

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Now could be the perfect time to fix your home loan and enjoy this great low rate locked in for the first 24 months. Our Special 2 Year Fixed Rate on the Advantage Package gives you peace of mind knowing what your repayments will be. So lock it in today and be sure about tomorrow. You'll also continue to save after the 24 month period with up to 0.7% p.a. off our Standard Variable Rate with the Advantage Package.