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Bank of Queensland Home Loans

Bank of Queensland Home Loans
Lender Home Loan Initial Interest Rate Default Variable / Roll Rate Comparison Rate
Bank of Qld Economy Home Loan 5.18% - 5.35%
Bank of Qld Fixed Rate Home Loan 5 Year 4.59% 5.76% 5.41%
Bank of Qld Fixed Rate Home Loan 3 Year 4.29% 5.76% 5.50%
Bank of Qld Fixed Rate Home Loan 2 Year 4.59% 5.76% 5.68%
Bank of Qld Fixed Rate Home Loan 1 Year 4.65% 5.76% 5.79%
Bank of Qld Standard Variable Rate Home Loan 5.76% - 5.92%

About Bank of Qld

BOQ is a fast growing retail bank that claims to offer a unique person2personTM experience. BOQ has a good range of basic and flexible home loans such as the economy home loan or the Standard Variable home loan.

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