The kitchen and bathroom are most important for women when house hunting while men look for a garage, according to a new study. A survey of 1,207 Australians by Newspoll and First National Real Estate revealed that women feel the bathroom, the size and number of bedrooms are the highest priorities when buying a home. Men are more likely to check if a home has a garage or workshop. Respondents to the survey were asked to rate the importance of a range of features that would influence their selection of a home. Around 73% of respondents said having a garage would be extremely important, while 71% said the quality of the kitchen. A water-saver system was considered important by 67%, while 65% said a quality bathroom and 56% a low maintenance garden or courtyard. However, big differences in requirements were revealed when respondents were split into gender groups. Around 28% of women placed emphasis on the kitchen, compared with 3% of men. The bathroom was important to 17% of women, compared to 2% of men. A garage, shed or workshop was important to 10% of men but only 4% of women. The study also showed that women placed more importance on proximity to family and friends and environmental concerns than men. Ray Ellis, CEO of First National Real Estate, said: "With this year's survey we can see that women pay more attention to the kitchen and bathroom and the number and size of the bedrooms. The majority of our offices say that women buyers are more thorough and patient than men and are prepared to hunt down the layout and finishes they want in a home." Ellis said the importance women placed on proximity to friends and family is not surprising. "In surveys this year and last year, women have been stressing safety and a sense of community as factors in where they choose to live. Many need support and help from friends and family with childcare and babysitting, given the demands of work and lifestyle."

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