As our economy slowly emerges from the GFC, the property market is at a virtual standstill. There’s no doubt that it's slow going for property sellers at the moment, but there are expert tricks of the trade you can steal to boost your chances of a sale.
Remove nasty odours
Creating a pleasant and inviting atmosphere is vital if you want to improve your home’s saleability. “There is nothing worse than having a home open for inspection when there is a nasty smell, be it from animals or even just a musty odour,” says Raine & Horne Maroubra principal Paul Spanoudakis. Air out the property for at least an hour and remove any sources of unpleasant odours, such as dog bedding, and “freshen up the feel of your home by buying some fresh flowers or brewing some coffee to provide a pleasant aroma.”
Re-home your pets – temporarily
“If you have pets, don’t leave them in the house during an open for inspection, as many people could be allergic or fearful of them,” says Spanoudakis. Drop them to a friend or relatives house during any open inspections, or take them for a walk so you’re both out of the house when potential buyers are viewing your home.
Spring clean
A house that has been thoroughly cleaned looks fresh, neat and liveable. Before an open inspection, make sure you:
  • Clean the walls, floors, skirting boards, carpets and light switches
  • Get rid of tabletop clutter – throw away what you can and tuck the rest away neatly in cupboards
  • Clear and wipe down table/counter tops
  • Don't leave any dishes in the sink
Mow the front learn
They says that first impressions count, and they aren’t lying: the “curb appeal” of your home can make the difference between prospective buyers viewing your property or driving right on past.

“Prospective sellers need to understand that first impressions are everything when selling a property,” advises Michael Mallon, principal of Raine & Horne Queanbeyan. “Buyers look at more than one property and if your front lawn is getting a bit long and the paint on your front door is starting to peel off, then there’s more chance they have already lost interest – or that they won’t even bother to inspect the property any further.”

Consider minor repairs and renovations
The majority of homebuyers are looking for a property that can be occupied immediately, without them having to embark on major repairs or renovations prior to moving in or renting the property to tenants. “Fixing faults, painting a fresh coat of paint and doing some landscaping will make an enormous difference to the final price and the amount of time the home is on the market," says Raine & Horne Summer Hill principal Ian Blackwell.

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