Entering the property market is a continual struggle for many Australians because of the increasingly high city and coastal prices. As a result, investing in, or moving to, regional or rural areas have become a viable choice for many Australians. This new phenomena is known as tree- or green-change. This article explains the pros and cons of rural investing to help you make an informed decision. Read explanations about the current trends in property investments and why choosing the cheaper options afforded by country areas can be beneficial for you. Also, be warned about the risks involved in rural investing, especially if you are buying in regional areas only to generate a rental income. You can also obtain information on how to establish a positively geared investment with through clearly illustrated examples. Before deciding to invest in rural areas, read the cautions relating to returns, vacancy rate and capital growth in country locations. Finally, 6 rules are provided to help you succeed in rural investing.

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