Raymond Xue's Top 100 Broker 2013 profile
Name: Raymond Xue

What qualities make a successful broker?
Consistency in delivering the best possible service to the client, referral and business partners. Broad knowledge of all lenders’ products, policy and their market niche. Communication skills – being able to lead the client every step of the loan application journey; show the client you care about them.

What’s the key to staying at the top of your game year after year?
Be hard-working, have a can-do attitude and take pride in doing quality work, with dedication and focus to put in the hours to get the job well done. Be open to new business possibilities and keep learning at same time.

What, if anything, have you done differently this year?
We did the CBA Kaizen program in our office in August this year; I think it will make our processes more efficient and streamlined. I can predict a 20% increase in volume during 2013/14.

What do you expect from the market in the year ahead?
Prepare and ready ourselves for an extremely busy season for brokers as the current real estate market is booming.

What has been your biggest challenge this year?
We are facing a growing number of applications that will put pressure on our processing team’s capacity.

What has been your biggest success this year?
Not as good as last year, but we can keep the volume of the business stable and I hope to catch up next year.

Senior Manager, ACA Mortgage Solutions Pty. Ltd. (2008)
  • Lending Manager, Ample Capital Australia Pty. Ltd. (2002-2008)
Years of Experience:
  • Elite Business Writer, 2012
Current Town  
Hometown Sydney, NSW
Other information  

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