Q. I am looking to invest in property, but the process is new to me. Should I seek professional financial advice? Is it necessary?

A. A financial adviser can give you personalised financial advice to help you make informed decisions about managing your money. Whether a financial adviser is necessary or not depends on your own situation. If you find that you have trouble saving or spending, it may be worth speaking with a financial adviser to see if you need help. 

A financial adviser can help you with goal setting, protecting your money and building your portfolio. They can also work out your long term and short term goals such as saving for retirement, children expenses and property investing and then implement a plan to help you be successful. It is important to know how you can protect your money in case an unexpected illness or injury pops up. By seeking financial advice, you can put provisions in place to avoid future financial stress.

A financial adviser can also help you build your investment portfolio and help you manage these investments. If you are new to property investing and unsure about the processes, it may be worthwhile having a quick chat to an adviser to see if they would be beneficial to you.

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