The latest data indicates that investors have already started making their way back into the market. According to the AFG Mortgage Index, the level of loans taken out for investment purposes surges to a new height for the second month in a row as investors are beginning to see the rewards of getting back into the property game.
The proportion of new mortgages taken by property investors rose to 33.8% in April rather than owner-occupiers – a significant increase compared to a year ago.
This issue of Your Mortgage takes a firm look into how to invest wisely and how to read changes in the Australian property cycle – calculating when the time is right to invest. While many people jump into the market during the boom, we’ll show you that it is during the earlier upturn stage of the market where you can really make a killing. We help you get a head start off the blocks with finding the right investment opportunities in the right areas.
As the market starts its move upwards, recent interest rate hikes and a decade of over-extended borrowing have seen a sharp rise in foreclosures. For the shrewd investor, this can be an opportunity to pick up bargain properties, and we’ve got all the know-how as to the myths and truths surrounding mortgagee sales.

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