With economic growth appearing to be regaining traction, an inevitable rate rise looms. Predictions about 'when' and 'by how much' vary wildly with some analysts expecting the first increase to come as early as December this year. Many economists believe that the RBA will not rapidly increase interest rates amid a still fragile global economy, but the majority predict cash rates will go up by at least 2% by the end of 2010. If you take into account the independent rate hikes the banks may make, some borrowers maybe looking at hefty increases in monthly repayments.

Fear not! There are many things you can do now to protect your interest and your home when the rates finally start to rise. The most practical and proven tips for protecting your investments against rate hikes are revealed in this issue of Your Mortgage magazine. This is essential reading if you are vulnerable to any upward rate movement.

Fixing your rate may look like an appealing option at the moment, but take time to consider your own circumstances - as well as your reason for locking in your rates. Opting for fixed rates to save on interest in generally not financially sound as the 'break costs' of getting out of fixed rate loans often outweigh any initial savings on interest. To help you decide whether a fixed rate is for you, we featured an article on "Locking your Loans" where we explained the pros and cons of this type of mortgage. We also present an in-depth analysis of the costs involved in breaking your fixed rate loan. This is a 'must read' for anyone considering a fixed rate or thinking of exiting their current fixed loans.

Finally this spring is promising to be a bumper season for buyers, sellers and property agents! This means competition for the last remaining bargains will be tight. If you want an advantage over the other homebuyers who will appear with the warmer weather, then it's worth preparing now. In this special issue of Your Mortgage magazine, we'll show you what you need to do now to ensure you'll be ahead of the pack.

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