Aussie Home Loans has announced their lowest rates ever for its Aussie Select and Aussie Optimizer home loan products this week, as well as a discount for Optimizer customers.
The Aussie Select package has been cut by 25 basis points to 4.39%. Borrowers under the two-year fixed rate with an LVR of up to 95%, including LMI, can take advantage of the rate cut. The comparison rate is 4.68%.
Meanwhile, both two-year and three-year fixed rates of the Aussie Optimizer product are now at 4.39%. The five-year counterpart sits at 4.59%.
A discount is also available for those who take advantage of the Aussie Optimizer fixed rate pricing on principal and interest owner occupied loans written from 11 February and settled by 30 June.
“With such strong competition in the market, customers need to be careful not to get blindsided by a low interest rate only because there is so much more to consider when choosing the right home loan, things like loan features, flexibility and fees and charges,” said John Symond, founder and executive chairman of the mortgage lender.

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