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An Easy Way to Buy the Best Property

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For many home buyers, the initial few weeks of property hunting are filled with excitement and anticipation as properties are inspected and evaluated. After a few months of scouring through property listings and doing the weekend inspection rounds, the excitement can fade and finding the right property can start to become a bit of a chore.
Imagine you could tell someone what you were looking for and then just sit back and wait for them to find a suitable property. If you like the sound of that then you should consider using a buyer’s agent.   
What are the benefits of using a buyer’s agent?
- Loyalty - A buyer’s agent has your best interests in mind when they are looking for a property for you. They will have no motives to please the seller in terms of the price or the conditions of the sale so you can have confidence in a buyer’s agent’s loyalty to you.
- Knowledge - If you are looking to purchase a property in close proximity to your current property then you would probably have a fairly good feel for the market but if you are purchasing a property in a new area, you can rest assured that a buyer’s agent has a thorough knowledge of the broad market. Based on your requirements, a buyer’s agent may also be able to suggest suitable areas that you have not yet considered.
- Access - Many buyer’s agents work closely with real estate agents to gain access to properties as soon as they hit the market or even before they go onto the market. This can help you as a buyer to go to the front of the queue and receive early and exclusive access to properties for sale.
- Save Time – If you consider how much time and effort you spend looking at property listings and then add that to the time taken to view properties, you’ll realise that there is a lot of value in using a buyer’s agent to find a property on your behalf, giving you back your spare time.
- Negotiations – Some people are born negotiators but for many, negotiating is something that they would rather avoid. A buyer’s agent knows the average market prices for various properties and they are skilled negotiators which could save you thousands.
What is the process with a buyer’s agent?
After you contact a buyer’s agent they will usually arrange a meeting with you to discuss your requirements. Once a buyer’s agent has an understanding of what you want they will do thorough market research and present you with a short-list of suitable properties. If you are keen on any of the properties you can then attend the physical inspections and if you like any of them in particular, let your buyer’s agent know and they will negotiate on your behalf. Many buyer’s agents can assist you with other areas to do with the purchase such as arranging building and pest inspections as well as being able to advise you on rental opportunities for investment properties.
By teaming up with a buyer’s agent as well as a mortgage broker you will have experienced and professional people working for you to find you the most suitable property and the most suitable home loan, leaving you to carry on with minimal stress and providing you with one of the simplest and most effective ways to purchase a property.

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Jeremy Fisher

Director and Founder of 1st Street Home Loans, Jeremy Fisher, is one of the most awarded mortgage brokers in the industry and winner of the Australian Broker Association's prestigious 'Australian Broker of the Year'. Since 2001, Jeremy has settled in excess of $500 million worth of property loans and delighted clients with exceptional results and highly personalised service. 1st Street Home Loans specialises in Home Loans, Commercial Loans, Leasing and Financial Planning. 

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