In this story, we give you the opinions of major industry experts who are from well known mortgage institutions and associations such as Macquarie Mortgages, Aussie Home Loans, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Wizard Home Loans, Resi Mortgage Corp, Housing Industry Association of Australia, and EPS Property Search. Nine experts give their predictions for 2006 on matters relating to:
  • interest rates
  • Legislation
  • Fixing interest rates
  • Property prices
  • Property to avoid
  • Advice to buyers
  • Advice to owners
  • New loan products
  • Non-bank lenders
  • Lending levels
  • Property hotspots
This article begins with a review of the property market in 2005 and then follows with a discussion on where we are headed in 2006. It provides predictions and commentaries on what will happen to interest rates, comparison rates, consolidation, property, what's hot and what's not. The article concludes with a list of best and worse case scenarios in 2006.

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