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  • 13 ways to slash your mortgage

    Over the life of the home loan, many homebuyers end up paying their lender more than double the amount they originally borrowed. However, there are a number of ways they can active ... Read more

  • Declined by a lender

    Are you having trouble getting your mortgage application approved? Lisa Sanders reveals how you can improve the chances of securing a loan - and explains what to do if your applica ... Read more

  • Professional packages

    No doubt you have heard to be careful to pay only for the bells and whistles you need when securing a home loan, but what if you could get them for free? Read more

  • Structuring your mortgage

    A carefully structured loan enables you to maximise your interest savings and minimise the time it takes to pay off your loan. Michael Lee reveals the secrets to getting the struct ... Read more

  • Should I get a line of credit?

    A line of credit can be useful. If you have built up a reasonable amount of equity in your home you can easily access it to purchase other assets or items. Read more

  • How to choose the best home loan for you

    With hundreds of home loan products on the market, trying to make sense of what's on offer can sometimes be a little overwhelming. Your Mortgage shows you how to avoid the mortgage ... Read more

  • April 2009 Survey - Home loan rates: Where are they headed?

    We asked our panel of Australia's leading economists and mortgage industry experts where they thought the average standard variable rate would be at the end of July 2009, and wheth ... Read more

  • Break costs

    I've taken a $500,000 fixed loan for three years at 8.50%. I want to get out of it but still have another two years before the fixed term ends. Can I get out of this loan without i ... Read more

  • Banks' fixed mortgage move fuels variable speculation

    The latest move by Australia's major lenders to raise rates on their fixed mortgages has prompted speculations that the economy has bottomed out and variable rates are about to ris ... Read more

  • Australian housing starts down to 8 year low

    Despite the continued rise in national housing demand, new construction in the March quarter has slid down to its lowest level since 2001. Read more

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