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Technically speaking, Aaron Christie-David is new to the industry – he’s been a broker for less than two years – but he’s worked with the third-party channel for a lot longer. After starting work at Wizard Home Loans in marketing, Christie-David then moved to Commonwealth Bank, working with brokers and increasingly thinking of becoming a broker himself.

“When you’re in corporate you get complacent a little bit,” Christie-David recalls. “I always envisioned myself having my own brokerage, and I acted on it.” He bought his franchise from a departing broker, and according to Mortgage Choice’s CEO, who personally recommended Christie-David to MPA, “he hit the ground running”. Christie-David used his marketing expertise to rapidly accumulate leads, but he also delivered to existing customers, with a 98% customer satisfaction rating.

Christie-David treats broking like professional sport; as well as working hard, he’s constantly monitoring what the top brokers are doing, and advises other brokers to do the same. “Reach out to the top-performing guys,” he says. “It’ll surprise you how open they are with the mistakes they made early on. [Take] any tips they can give you; the top-performing guys are top-performing for a reason. They have such an open-door policy and they want to help new-to-industry professionals.”

All this needs to be backed up by a healthy mindset and lifestyle, Christie-David concludes. “For myself it’s really just enjoying what I do; clients see that you’re good at what you do, and that gives them confidence, and that comes from having it yourself. You’ve got to back yourself; don’t look back, and don’t have a plan B.” 
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