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  • My partner and I recently organised our first home loan - it was great to have a supportive consultant who took the time to patiently guide us through every step of the application process. Leila, NSW
  • Our refinance was painless and easy. We have saved over $3,500 per year. Rosie, VIC
  • Quick, convenient and with great customer service. I didn't think a refinance could be this simple. Greg, NSW

Award winning Home Loans

Award winning Home Loans

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Asian Pacific Finance Pty Ltd
Milton | 0733698800
bSmart Mortgages
MILTON | 0403087433
Mini Lease Services Qld Pty Ltd
Milton | 0733682382
OmniLoans Pty Ltd
Milton | 1300720517
Pinnacle Financial Services
Milton | 0730253368
Remax Australia
Milton | 0730079050
Val Swyer & Associates
Milton | 0734041550
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There are a number of MILTON, 4064 mortgage brokers that can help you find the right home loan. With median house prices at $933,500 for this QLD suburb, it's important that you have someone shop around and get you the best mortgage deal.

The average suburb population growth in QLD has been 2808.22% since 2006, so the 1887.00% population change in MILTON 4064 is above average.

With a median housing loan repayment of $2,400 a month, MILTON , 4064 mortgage brokers are seeing mortgage holders paying $787 more than 2006.

Although an increase in household income doesn’t necessarily mean more disposable income, over the 5 year census period, mortgage holders in MILTON, 4064 should have seen some difference. While the latest census median annual household figure income is now $93,496, it was $62,270 back in 2006, which is a net increase of $31,226 Subtract from that the median mortgage repayment increase of $9,450 and a mortgage broker’s clients could be up to $21,776 better off each year even without factoring in mortgage rate cuts.

Guide to choosing a mortgage broker including what questions to ask them

A mortgage broker operates independently from lenders. An experienced broker with a wide range of lender contacts may also be able to offer you a better deal than those currently available on the market.

Besides assisting you in your search for a suitable home loan, a mortgage broker also guides you through the application process. Use our checklist to identify how a mortgage broker can:

  • Evaluate your financial situation and identify your loan requirements
  • Help you compare loans using specific methodology and criteria
  • Provide you with an accurate comparison rate of the actual cost of a loan

Finding a mortgage broker can be as time-consuming as searching for a home loan. By using our mortgage broker search with a database of almost 5000 brokers, you can narrow down your search to a local suburb, region, or by company name.

A home loan broker can help you decide which home loans cater to your specific needs, and a local broker will be able to connect you with lenders popular in your area. Access to a home loan broker's expert advice and industry experience is also free, as most brokers do not charge borrowers for their services.

There are as many mortgage brokers in the market as there are home loans. So being able to find a local mortgage broker quickly will save you time and allow you to focus on what you need - a home loan. By using our mortgage broker search with an extensive database of almost 5000 brokers, you can narrow down your search to a local suburb or region.