Home Loan Repayment
ME Bank and Bendigo Bank have both dropped their fixed rates.

ME Bank’s one-year fixed home loan is down from 4.89% to 4.69%, while its five-year fixed rate is now at 4.59% from 5.06%. The bank’s three-year fixed rate is the lowest at 4.28% from 5.10%.

Meanwhile, Bendigo Bank is also passing on lowered rates for its customers, with a one-year fixed rate at 4.69% from 4.79%.

Other Bendigo fixed rates are as follows:
Product With $8 Monthly Fee Rate Comparison Rate
2-year fixed rate 4.64% 5.21%
3-year 4.59% 5.15%
4-year 4.79% 5.18%
5-year 4.89% 5.17%

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