The American ‘tiny house movement’ has finally reached Australia, according to the ABC. 

Andrew Clapham, 25, has brought the concept to Australia’s capital. It involves building a very small house to live in and aims to avoid larger debt and high mortgages.

Clapham is building his log cabin-type house in the backyard of his parents located in Canberra’s north and hopes to attract more Australians to do the same.

"People end up working really hard to earn all this money, sometimes to buy a lot of things they don't need and then they need a huge house to put all those things in,” Clapham said.

"But they hardly spend any time at home because they're out working and spend a large percentage of their life paying off their mortgage."

He said it is important to provide a different path for people his age who are expected by societal norms to have a “huge house” by the time they are 25 years old and up.

"People who are younger have this notion that they're expected to live in a huge house and have 2.5 children and I think that's negative for society. For people aged 25 or younger, there's no way they can financially achieve that or should be expected to, so I think it's great to have an alternative option," he said. 

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