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A study has found improvements to property are crucial for many people in Perth, as a majority of survey respondents wish to see more affordability and liveability over the next few years.
The study, commissioned by the Conservation Council of WA and the Property Council, said 55% of Perth residents said they would like to see increased height limits on buildings to allow high density living. A whopping 71% want a mix of town houses, parks and high-rise structures.
Respondents also wish to have easier access to first home buyer loans and affordable property prices for the masses.
Property Council of Australia Executive Director Joe Lenzo argued Australia’s property sector needs to be able to play a more prominent role in ensuring a sustainable future for the city.
"With the right planning and policy support from state and local government, we will be able to create a built environment that caters for the needs and wants of the current and future Perth community," he said.

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