Home Loan Repayment
Nila Sweeney

By Robert Carry

The number of online visitors to Australia's leading mortgage comparison website www.yourmortgage.com.au surged by 14.49% in October, suggesting buyers are getting ready to snap up properties in the months ahead.

Some 80,728 people visited the site in October, up from its September figure of 70,513. The visitors came from 2,930 cities around the world although the majority came from Australian capitals. Sydneysiders accounted for nearly one-third of visitors with 27,472 while the 18,166 visitors from Melbourne made up 22.5%.

Perth accounted for 6,616 or 8.20% while 3,376 or 4.18% came from Adelaide. Londoners were the most well-represented overseas visitors at 891 or 1.10%.


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