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For Premier Mike Baird, public housing is a privilege and not a right – especially for drug dealers and unruly tenants.
The Baird government is expected to give drug dealers the boot from public housing. It also aims to put other tenants on “three strikes” bad behaviour notifications if it’s re-elected.
The Coalition's public housing policy for the March NSW election will also allow confidential reports from other tenants about illegal behaviour.
Baird said that criminals were often a problem in public housing blocks, while almost 60,000 Australians wait in line to receive residential assistance.
"Public housing is a privilege, not a right," Mr Baird said. "We will have no tolerance for people who don't play by the rules and who make other people's lives a misery."
The plan also includes eviction for tenants who break the rules three times within 12 months, specifically on property damage or excessive noise.

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