Home Loan Repayment
The CBA has emerged to hold the highest overall satisfaction of the big four at 82.2%, according to the latest study by Roy Morgan Research. But Westpac grabbed the top spot with 83.6% in terms of MFI or main financial institution customer ranking. CBA follows close with 83.5%, with NAB next at 83% and ANZ at 82%.
In general, the numbers reflect the improvement in satisfaction by the big four over the last 12 months, which is at 0.5% points.
The most improved among the big four was Westpac (up 2.5% points), followed by the ANZ (up 0.9% points). Small declines were found in CBA (down 0.4% points) and NAB (down 0.2% points).
Roy Morgan’s study also found satisfaction among the housing loan customers of the big four increased by 1.7% points over the last 12 months, compared to an increase of only 0.2% points for other customers. 

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