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Paul Gilding, CEO of Easy Being Green said that majority of people who have heard of the project made them more environmentally aware and active. "About nine out 10 in this group now think more about saving energy and water, and are encouraged to do more of it in the future," he said. "Just one Climate Saver Pack installed and maintained in every one of Australia's 8 million homes would be equivalent to stopping a 1,000 Mega Watt black-coal fired power station, or to taking 2 million cars off the road." Easy Being Green has given away almost half a million of these packs under the NSW scheme. Householders who received and installed these energy and water saving equipments will be able to save a combined $60m off their utility bills every year, according to Gilding. "It's practical environmentalism that nearly everyone can do. There's a huge opportunity for practical environmentalism in the homes of Australia," he said.

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